Traverse Hilversum Mediapark

The Traverse Mediapark Hilversum connects the railway platforms of Hilversum Noord station and the heart of the town’s thriving Media Park. This footbridge is a key link for cyclists and pedestrians, a landmark and experience for local people. Light, both natural and artificial, was the medium used to bring this functional space to life. This footbridge connects three sites: two train platforms and the next-door Media Park and adjacent neighbourhood. It’s pattern of perforations was inspired by the flows of transport traffic to the site, by sound waves emanating from the broadcasts of the Media Park, and by the reverse side of Dutch train tickets. With its wooden floors, looping patterns and peep holes, the walkway becomes a pleasant experience in its own right, an interesting 170 meter stroll, as well as a means of getting safely and quickly from A to B. It is also a key spatial element that is part of a series of bridges, and so an important feature in the local built environment.

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